Will I ever learn my lesson about running the hills in Kentucky?

One would THINK that after the Run The Bluegrass Half Marathon last year and it’s hills, I would have learned my lesson… After I finished that race, according to my watch, I had climbed 65 flights of stairs over the course of the 33 rolling hills.  (full recap from that race here) Maybe I just enjoy […]

Bellin Women’s Half Marathon – better every year!

Forget the meaning of can’t – Sarah Reinersten (Just a note before we get too far!  This race was actually back in October 2016.  Apparently I started my race recap and never finished it.  I figured better late than never!!) Back for year 2!  After last years inaugural Bellin Women’s Half Marathon, we all decided that […]

Destination Portland! Run Like Hell Half Marathon, old friends and new adventures!

Winning is not about coming in first, it is about doing something that you have never done before – Mithilesh Chudgar First or last, when you are challenging yourself to do something different, just by finishing, you are a winner! This years final half marathon brought me to the Pacific Northwest for the first time ever! […]