And this is why they call me Crazy Hamster!

Any of you that have been following me for a while (or have known me even longer), know that I am always looking for the next crazy challenge.

Run in the middle of the night…  Been there, done that (Ragnar twice and more coming!)

Run a Marathon…  Crossed that off the bucket list.

Run 4 half marathons in 37 days… That was crazy fun!

Complete a 50k… working on it!  (will be completed in just a few short weeks)

Earlier this week a fellow Skirt Sports ambassador put the word out that she was in need of a new challenge and was ready to run the town… LITERALLY!  She was going to run each and every street in her town!  And she was inviting all of us to join her in this challenge.  Wherever you live, pull out your map and start running!  Crossing off streets as you go!

Why not?!?!

Lets do this!

So I headed out and got a map! Time to Run This Town!  Run, walk or bike, the miles will be covered!

As streets are run, they will be marked.  As you can see, the miles covered yesterday and today and miniscule compared to the rest of the map!  Little by little I will get there!  

Part of this adventure us to explore your town and see what else you can find.  Yesterday and today, I was running the streets near my house so it was tough to find anything “new” but I quickly realized that there are A LOT of dead end streets in my neighborhood and surrounding areas!  I laughed when I saw my finished route today from my run.  looking at my route, you would think I was tracking an intoxicated squirrel.  Nope, just the Crazy Hamster out for a run!

This morning I did see a few awesome landscaping and decor in people’s yards, but this sign below was one of my favorites!  So true!!  They are only young for so long!  Let the grass grow!  Get out to the ballpark and watch them play!


If you want to cover some miles with me, let me know!  I will gladly take some company on this adventure!  Don’t run?  that’s ok, walking is just as much fun and will gladly come walk some miles with my friends around town!  Biking more your mode of transportation?  The bike is all tuned and and ready to go!  Let’s put on some miles around this city!

So we have officially started this challenge and I am not sure how long it will take me to finish.  I really don’t even know how many miles of runnable streets there are in Green Bay.  Obviously, I cannot run on the major highways etc so those don’t count.  I am sure I could make a call and find out how many miles of streets there are in the city of Green Bay, but do I really want to know?  

Who wants to join me on this challenge and be part of the Crazy Hamsters big adventure???   Even if you don’t want to join me for some miles, be sure to sign up for The Crazy Hamster updates!  I will post updates here regularly on the progress.

Until next time… keep challenging yourself and chasing your dreams!



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  1. Awesome!!! So glad you are joining the I Run This Town Project!!!

    1. Amy Penokie says: Reply

      Here’s to another crazy adventure!

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