Inside the head of a Runner!

Last Saturday marked my first half of 2015.  The Dick Lytie Spring Classic.

I have been looking forward to this run since last year, but up until I started running the course, I was not sure how it was going to go.  I actually didn’t even sign up to run it until Monday!  After the 10 Mile St Pats run, I knew that I could cover the miles, so it was time for redemption!  Why Redemption?  Last year I was signed up to run the half, but after starting my PT for my uncooperative IT band, I was told by my physical therapist that I was NOT running the Half.  She did give me permission to run the 5k tho.  The Half was going to have to wait.

Asha and I pre-race – her first 15k race

 Now, these hills were mine!

Now, any of you that have been following my blog over the last few years know my usual recap posts… this one is going to be different.  Why?  Because this race was one of a kind for me and I had to do something different.   After chatting with a few friends the other night about everything that goes through our head when we are running, I knew what I wanted to do.

34 degrees and still some snow on the ground!

 Welcome to the random thoughts, arguments, and conversations that accompanied me on the 1st Half Marathon of 2015

So…. My half on Saturday went something like this (at least in my head):

~On way to start line:  Ugh, maybe I should have opted for the tights.  I might freeze with my capri’s on.  Oh well, too late, time to suck it up and just deal. Maybe being cold will help me run faster.  I wonder how many of these people are actually running the Half?  I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty quiet once we make the split for the 15k/Half Marathon.

Adrianne and I, Pre-race smiles

~ At start line:  At least the sun is out.  I can pretend it’s warmer than 34 degrees.

~ Gun goes off:  CRAP!  My headphones didn’t charge (darn bluetooth) and they won’t even power on!  This sucks.  Guess we are running naked today.  No music, no pace information in my ear each mile.  I’ve done it before, guess I have to do it again.  I’m not going to like this!

~ First few miles through campus: Why am I doing this?  I’m getting passed by everyone.  I really wish I had my music.

My ears are cold.  Maybe I should have worn the other, warmer headband that covered my ears better.  I don’t like this wind.

Why am I doing this again?  I could just cut the course short and just do the 15k… No one would know but me.  No, I can’t cut it short.  I’m not afraid of those hills.  We spent time last week running them.

Approaching the first hill – bewares, its a long one!

~First Hill (approx 2 miles):  THIS SUCKS!  And  this in only the 1st of 3 hills that I have to go up.  I don’t want to walk up this hill, but I don’t want to kill myself before I even get to the halfway point.
(Brain) Ok, I’ll just walk part way up… (Feet) like hell you are walking part way up…

And we run…

Ok, that was 1 hill.  2 more to go.  Hey, that’s a cool looking house!  Maybe someday when I grow up, I’ll have a cool house like that, but that would also mean more house to clean.  Maybe I’ll stick with the one I have now.

WooHoo!  Time to go down a hill!  Ouch this is a steep hill!  I hope I don’t fall on my nose running down it!

This is a cute little subdivision that we get to run through.

That level course was too good to last, time to head back UP again.  Now this hill looks steeper today than when I drove it last week. I hope I can even walk up it – I suppose I could crawl if needed.  Gotta walk this one… ok ,maybe bear crawl!  I will not stop!  How they heck to people run this course in under an hour and a half!?!?!  are they insane?

Mile 4 (approx):  UGH!  forgot to turn off bluetooth on phone since not using headphones.  Better turn if off.  Wow!  I’m at under an 11 min/mile pace.  Guess this running with no music isn’t as bad as I thought.    I’m too warm, better take the jacket off, but I don’t want to throw it somewhere… I might need it again. (tying jacket around waist and moving on)

 Hey, there’s the turn off for the 15k to head back towards campus… oops, I forgot to turn…  guess I am running the entire 13 miles.  cold again… time to put he jacket back on.

Mile 6 – Hey I might be able to catch Michelle and Diane, they really are not THAT far in front of me!

I’m Hungry.  Sport Beans or Stinger Waffle?  Either way I’m going to have to keep hydrating.  I think I want the waffle.

The long approach to the last big hill

~Mile 7: water stop!  Man, that little guy helping at this station is too cute!  Love the fact that he is giving everyone high five’s as they come through!

Mile 8 – ok, Michelle and Diane just ahead of me…. I must keep moving!  Am I really going to try and catch them on this hill?

OMG! I can’t be she was that far off course!  How in the world did she miss that that turn back by the church?  I hope she makes it!  (FYI – she had the best attitude ever – “guess it’s a few extra miles today”)

I can’t believe how good I’m still feeling and now that I climbed all 3 hills, the rest of this is pretty much downhill!

“Hey Diane!  Catching you guys is NOT an easy task!”

Hmmm…have not looked at phone lately.  Wonder where my pace is now?  No time to look!  Must keep running!  (Diane did tell me approx what my pace at that point)

Wow! Those guys up there are walking… I wonder if I can pass them before I get to the end?

(10 minutes later)

Ok, passed them before I got back to campus… it’s all downhill from here!!

1st hill we went up… now time to go down!

It is really peacful running through time, but I am ready to be done!

Ok, I can hear the finish line but it really blows that I can’t see it!  Legs are dying, want to be done.

Finish line!  I LOVE YOU

Post race – smiles still there!

10 minutes post finish: calves screaming at me!  I want to curl up in a ball and sleep for a week… once I get my calves to loosen back up!  Oh, breakfast?!?  lets go!  I’m hungry!

Gyro stuffed hash browns with scrambled eggs

Offical Time: 2:27:30!  Missed my half PR by less than a minute!  Overall it was an awesome morning!  Can’t wait to run Indy in May!

SO, what runs through your head when you are out there?

I dare you to share!

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